Storage Tips

We have provided storage tips to help you store your Boat & RV

Storing Your Boat or RV

While we're thrilled to have you store your vehicle with us, we don't allow you to live in your vehicles. 

Additionally, your vehicle must stay within the boundary of your space, not an inch over!

Perishable Items

Make sure to remove all perishable items from any cabinets, refrigerators, or other parts of the vehicle.


Check the pressure of all tires. Cover any tires that will be exposed to the elements.


Use a spray lubricant on your locks to help prevent rusting and freezing.


Remove any batteries. Store the batteries in an area that is not subjected to the elements. Periodically test and charge the batteries if needed.


Turn off refrigerators. Verify that all power sources are off.

Conveniently Located Storage Solutions

Big Dog Boat & RV Storage is dedicated to helping residents, businesses, and students in the Pickles Gap Village area safely and securely store their belongings, boats, RVs, and other vehicles. 

Above are some helpful tips for packing and arranging your storage unit. 

If you have a question that isn’t covered, just ask our friendly staff.

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