Boat & RV Storage in Lowell & Conway, AR

Keep your adventuring vehicle somewhere safe with Big Dog Boat & RV!

Why Choose Boat & RV Storage?

Trustworthy vehicle storage options with Big Dog Boat & RV

Are you tired of looking out the window and seeing nothing but your RV? Sick of having to weed-eat around your boat and trailer? Or maybe the HOA is getting on your back about the RV in your driveway - whatever the reason, Big Dog Boat & RV can help!

We also offer amenities that you don’t have at home. Our facility is protected by top-notch security features! 

This is the peace of mind you need when you’re rolling down the road, looking forward to your destination - no more worrying about what to do with your vehicle when you’re done!

Vehicle Storage Amenities

Take the stress out of RV ownership with Big Dog Boat & RV!

Quality lighting for comfort and safety
Our facility doesn't feel like a dark basement: it's visible and safe.
Wide drive aisles
Getting your vehicle in and out of your space is as easy as 1 2 3.
Security cameras recording 24/7
We make sure to keep you and your belongings safe.
Trickle charging outlets in select units
Keep your battery topped off and ready for your next adventure with our drip-charging outlets
Covered parking options
Protect your vehicle from external elements.
Convient Access

Conveniently access your boat, RV, or other vehicles, so you can hit the road on your next adventure at your convenience!

Boat & RV Storage Near You

With two convenient facilities, we’re in good spots to serve:

  • Conway, AR
  • Springhill, AR
  • Wooster, AR
  • Greenbrier, AR
  • Saltillo, AR
  • Near I-40
  • Near US-65
  • Rogers, AR
  • Springdale, AR
  • Cave Springs, AR
  • Near I-49

Preparing Your Vehicle for Storage

Here’s what you need to do before leaving your vehicle with us long-term

Clean It Out

Get all the trash out of your RV, sweep up, and empty the fridge and cabinets. Same for a boat - you’ll enjoy having a nice clean vehicle when you set out next!

Turn Off Appliances

Ensure all your appliances are off and ready for long-term storage. We recommend leaving your fridge or freezer door open to prevent mold.

Block Vents

Blocking or closing your vents can prevent pests from getting into your vehicle. Try to ensure your vehicle is sealed up tight.

Cover Up

If you’re not using one of our covered RV storage spots, we recommend using a vehicle cover to protect the paint from rain and sun.

Remove the Battery

Take the battery out of your RV and store it separately to ensure it’s still working when you need it again.

Empty the Tanks

Use our on-site dump station to empty your wastewater tanks before you store it. Free for renters to use!

Check Tires

Check your tire pressure before you go. Leave your vehicle ready to set out next time.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Clean or replace air filters, lubricate locks and hinges, refill antifreeze, add fuel stabilizer, etc.

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